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    Hello, friends welcome to “” If you working as an export documentation executive and want to change your job.

    Do you want to update your resume with your current job description?

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    Here I suggest what you need to include on your resume for the export documentation executive job.

    If you update your resume with proper details, It will increase your chance of getting a job.

    Export Documentation Executive Job Description.

    The responsibility of the export documentation executive is very important If you are working as an export documentation executive.

    Then you are an important part of inventory management.

    We can divide the export documentation job into 2 parts.

    • Export documentation with Exporter.
    • Export documentation with CHA.

    The working model of both is different, you can see some similarities in some cases.

    But most of the time it is different.

    He needs to prepare a commercial Invoice, Packing List, and all related documents by export requirements.

    Export documentation executives must have the ability to handle the timely payment of products.

    Responsibilities Of Export Documentation With Exporter.

    • Preparing export documents for shipments.
    • Preparing commercial invoice, Packing List, and other export documents.
    • Ensure timely processing of export shipments.
    • Payment follow-up.
    • Communicate with international/national customers, including freight forwarders, CHA, vendors.
    • Providing required documents & instructions to freight forwarders and CHA.
    • Maintaining export documents files.
    • Applying for export promotion Incentive schemes.
    • Monitoring Drawback credit.

    Responsibilities Of Export Documentation With CHA.

    • Arranging documents from Exporter.
    • Preparing checklist.
    • Filing shipping bill.
    • Arranging Air Waybill or Bill of lading.
    • Arranging transportation for shipment.
    • Coordinate with Airline and shipping lining.
    • Coordinate with port staff and officers (If Needed).

    All the above-mentioned responsibilities you can include on your resume as per your section.

    If you do anything more other than the above-mentioned responsibilities you can comment in the comment box.

    Export Documentation Executive Job Description

    Education Requirement For Export Documentation Executive.

    To become an export documentation executive, you no need master’s degrees or international studies.

    If you have a bachelor’s degree is enough to become an export documentation executive.

    It depends on your talents how you can handle the work. how much you can learn.

    Because the export policies are changing every year, You need to be up to date with the new export policy.

    In this field, your talent and experience are more important than your education.

    How much experience and knowledge you gain, your salary will increase accordingly.

     I think now you understand what you need to include in the description of the export documentation executive job. If anyone has any query please ask in the comment box. I’m very happy to help you.

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