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If you are looking for an import documentation job description.

You are an on right page!

If you are working as an import documentation executive you need to update your resume.

Here you will get right points to mention in your resume.

Hello friends welcome to another fresh article of “”.

Here in this article, I explained what is the information you need to include in your resume as an import documentation executive.

Because your resume will decide you get a job or not.

So, always update your resume with valuable information that helps you to get your dream job easily.

What Is Import Documentation Job?

What Is Import Documentation Job?

An import documentation executive is responsible for handle all import activity.

If you are working as an import documentation executive then you are an important part of inventory management.

Import documentation is a very important job, you need to be alert when doing import documentation.

If you do any delay in providing documents to CHA or filing B.E within time.

Then you need to pay thousands of rupees for that delay.

We can divide import documentation job in 2 parts.

  • Import documentation with Importer.
  • Import documentation with a Custom house agent.

Import documentation with importer and CHA both are different types of documentation jobs.

Import Documentation With Importer.

The import documentation work with the importer is lighter than work with CHA.

Who works with an importer, they need to arrange all documents for Import customs clearance.

And needs to provide proper documents to CHA on a timely basis.

They need to do coordination with suppliers and Custom agent.

If you fail to provide documents to CHA within the time then you will be responsible for Bill of Entry late presentation charges.

Import Documentation With Custom House Agent.

If you are working with a CHA as an Import documentation executive then you need to keep more attention.

Because when you receive documents from an importer you need to process the same without any delay.

Your work process is lengthy.

  • Checklist Preparation.
  • Get IRN for all mandatory documents.
  • File Bill of entry.
  • Location Marking for Examination.
  • Transportation.
  • Post documentation, etc…

You just need to keep one thing in your mind, to file Bill of entry on time.

Import Documentation Executive Job Description

Import Documentation Executive Job Description.

Import documentation executive job description is different for those working with CHA and Importer.

So, here I provide different job description for both.

You can choose anyone as per your profile.

Let’s first check the what are responsibilities of import documentation executives who work with importers.

Responsibilities For Who Work With Importer.

Here below I mentioned some valuable points for your resume.

  • Coordinate with supplier, freight forwarder, and CHA.
  • Arranging commercial invoice and packing list from the supplier.
  • Providing documents to CHA and arranging Checklist.
  • Handle Pre and Post Shipment documents.
  • Handling FOB, CIF, and C&F shipment.
  • Arrange transportation of the shipment.
  • Good Communicate to Supplier with Mail and Personal contact.

If you are working with an importer then you can add these responsibilities to your resume.

Now let’s check the responsibilities who work with CHA.

Responsibilities For Who Work With CHA.

You can add the below points to your resume which gives the next-level look to your resume.

  • Preparing checklist.
  • Find H.S codes, Duty Structure with customs tariff.
  • Getting IRN number from Ice:Gate.
  • Filing Bill of entry.
  • Replying queries with Ice:Gate reply system.
  • Location marking for the examination of goods.
  • Arrange transportation of the shipment.
  • Preparing Daily DSR of Imports Shipment.
  • Good Communicate to party with Mail and Personal contact

These are the most imported thing you must add in your resume if your working with CHA.

Import Documentation Executive Job Description

Future OF Import Documentation Job.

Here we discuss what is the future of import documentation job in India.

If you are working in an export company and your company is importing raw material for manufacturing products.

Then your future is bright as import documentation executive.

But if your working with a trading company that imports ready-made products for selling.

Then the your future is in trouble.

Because the Indian government does not support import ready-made products import its effect on our economy.

By importing a ready-made product you’re sending Indian currency to the outside of India and it also creating unemployment in India.

 I think now you understand what you need to include in the import documentation executive job description. If anyone has any query please ask in the comment box. I’m very happy to help you.

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