6 Proven Tips About How To Face Interview

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If you are preparing for an interview and looking for how to face interview

You are on the right page!

Here I provided the 6 proven tips about how to face interviews.

How to Face Interview: This question seems a very simple question, but if you pay attention briefly, the answer to this question decides the major part of your career, right?


For some people, cracking an interview is just a normal thing and some people can not crack even a first round of interviews.

Why does This happen and what is the major factor?

We are going to explore this in this article!

How To Face Interview – Quick Overview

See, facing an interview is not a Big Deal!

But it depends on your just prior mindset before giving an interview.

Some people do a lot of preparation before the interview and at the time of the interview they can not represent what they prepare, are you agree with me?

There is not a specific method or hack to crack the interview.

It depends on your mindset, confidence, thought pattern, and presentation.

Keep in your Mind: The interviewer does not concern about what and how much you know, he concerns with what and how much you can present and do for his company!

How to face interview

Now, everyone knows that while interviewing he should maintain the eye to eye contact, use dynamic body language, should not see here and there, keep the shoulders ahead, etc…

We are not going to share the basic information, we are going to share the micro information about how to face an interview which will defiantly crack the interview in one go.

Here are some tips which help to crack any level of Interview and we are sharing the tips for a successful interview.

1. Gather The All The Possible Data Of Employer

This is the very first step which most of the candidates do not do and when the employer asks that what do you know about our organization, at that time the candidate gets blank and answers: “Sir, I will have to take 1 month or some time to collect complete information about the organization.”

This is a very wrong approach, Bro!

When you have more data about the employer organization, the interviewer thinks that you are a preventer, not a curer and you have great analyzing skills.

2. Wear Your Natural Clothes

You may have read in many blogs and may have seen in many videos on YouTube or anywhere else suggesting to wear formal wears while going to give an interview.

But this is not the right approach!

I am not saying that wearing formal clothing is the wrong approach, but if you do not like or do not believe to wear formals, then don’t go for it.

Express yourself what you are!

If you wear anything other than formals, you must have a strong, convenient, and valid reason which must be convenient for the employer.

Like, This is my approach to show what I am, I don’t want to keep you or anyone in dark.

The second reason you may present that Sir, this is what I am and my nature, character, and attitude. I would not prefer to show what I am not!

3. Describe Your Failures And How You Overcame From It

You can call this portion the Heart of Interview!

Yes, every company looks for a strong candidate or employee for its future.

Describe the biggest failure(s) of your life and don’t stop here, also explain how you managed it and overcame it.

What kind of strategies, planning, routine, ways you applied, and how many hurdles you face while it!

He thinks that in a hard time of his company you will be a pillar of that hard time for the company!

4. Present Yourself What You Are

Most candidates do the biggest mistake here.

They become over casual while explaining themselves and speaking unnecessary things.

See, be yourself, but don’t go out of the range.

Like if you are telling that you are not willing to work overtime without overtime pay, then just tell: ” Sir, I have no habit to work longer than the shift timing because I have full efficiency and I complete the task within the timing. But if there is a heavy workload, I would prefer to work if there is a provision of overtime payment.”

How to face interview

5. Keep Your CV Updated

While making a CV, try to do not to include wrong and unnecessary information.

Because it is your 0th impression (before the first impression).

Your first impression will be created when you start the communication.

But as long as your CV is reviewed by the interviewer, he creates some predictions about you, and while interviewing, he judges you by relating your CV information.

Don’t keep your CV too long or too Short.

Highlight the important points of your career.

Describe the clear intent for getting that job.

6. Give The Trust About Stability

None of the companies prefer that employees who just do the job and leave very soon for a hike.

One question you will be asked in each interview.

“Will you leave this job if you get the better opportunity?”

And here the candidate hits the hammer on his leg! 🙂

Your answer should be like below:

“Sir, if I found a better opportunity, first I will evaluate that opportunity that how much growth I will be getting. If it is minimal then I will not switch the job, but if it is a big opportunity then I will approach my current organization first if they would be able to fulfill it.
If the current organization is not able to do at that time but gives me the commitment to do so in near future, then there is no need to switch jobs!
And hence, if the other organization can evaluate my potential, then my current organization should have more and accurate information about that and I am sure, it will not refuse to give me the growth and therefore there is no question about switching the job!”

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