What Is CIBIL Score? | How To Get CIBIL Score On WhatsApp

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Hello, friend Welcome to a fresh article on “jobsformyprofile.com”. Here in this article, I explained to you What is CIBIL score?

It’s very important to understand what is the importance of the CIBIL score in your daily life.

And I also explain how you can get a credit score on your WhatsApp.

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What is CIBIL score

What Is CIBIL Score?

CIBIL score is your trust score, It shows how much you’re trustable.

The score range starts from 300 to 900. This score is calculated from your financial borrowing history.

If you default on any of your previous EMI payments of any loan.

It will negatively affect your credit score.

Whenever you apply for any loan, the lender checks your credit history before approving your loan application.

In India, TransUnion CIBIL Limited is the first company who introduce scores for individuals and businesses.

Banks and other financial institutes are submitting the data of their customer and their payment patterns.

Based on this data, your CIBIL score is calculated.

What is CIBIL score

Importance Of CIBIL Score.

Let me explain the importance of the CIBIL score with an example.

One day I and my friend visited a mobile store to buy a new mobile for my friend. The cost of the mobile is high. So, The shopkeeper suggests we buy a mobile on EMI.

We agree the same and My friend provides the documents for the EMI process. But unfortunately, the EMI is rejected by the bank.

And When I have provided my document for the EMI process. The bank accepts the EMI.

My EMI of my was rejected by a bank because of a bad credit score. So, always remember you need to maintain a good credit score to get loans.

In today’s life, the CIBIL score is important for everyone.

Get Credit Score On Whatsapp

How To Get Credit Score On WhatsApp?

Nowadays checking the CIBIL score is very easy but getting the same thing in on your WhatsApp is difficult.

But don’t worry about that by using Wishfin.com now you can get a CIBIL score on your WhatsApp Number.

It is a wonderful feature none of the others offering this service.

And the interesting part is this service free for 1 year.

Let’s take a look at the steps required to get a free credit score on your WhatsApp.

  • First, Give a missed call on 8287151151 from your mobile which has WhatsApp.
  • Within a few minutes, you will get a WhatsApp message. You need to provide your full name, date of birth and gender.
  • After providing the above details, It will ask for your PAN number.
  • After entering the PAN number, It will ask for your address and city in which you reside.
  • As the last input, they will ask for your email address so that they can send you your score on email as well.
  • As a security measure, It will send you an OTP on the mobile number. Enter the details and within a second they will send you your credit score in a WhatsApp.

If you want to check the detailed report, you need to log into wishfin.com.

Go to the CIBIL report tab.

There you can find your CIBIL score and your profile.

Next to your profile, there is a tab “View report” for the detailed report.

There is a tab called “Enquiry Information” which shows the list of the lenders who have inquired about your credit history for the loan you have applied with them.

Another benefit you will get is the score update every month for one year.

Wishfin.com will send you your credit score every month via email.

I’m also using this service, and It’s wonderful. I Get my updated credit score on my WhatsApp number every month.

Everyone must once test the quality of their service.

I hope now you understand what is CIBIL score and the importance of credit score in your daily life. If anyone has any queries or suggestions please ask in the comment section.

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