Best Free Podcast App In India [Work While Listening]

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If you are looking for Best Free Podcast App In India.

You are on the right page!

Here I share the list of the best free podcasts app in India.

Hi, friends welcome to another fresh article from “” Here this article provided the details of the best free podcast app in India.

The podcast is mostly famous in America and European countries.

But after the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for podcasts is increasing in India day by day.

So, I decide to make a list of the best free podcast app in India.

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Best Free Podcast App India

Best Free Podcast App In India.

Here below I provide the best free podcast app available in India, You can test each one only by one.

Every app is unique and good for everyone.

So, It depends on you which one will fulfill your requirements.

Best Free Podcast App In India

Sl No.Name Of Apps
5Cast Box
6Apple Podcasts

These are some awesome podcast apps freely available in India, You can download any of them and can enjoy them.

If you want to know more details about these apps then you can check the information provided below.


Khabri is an audio platform that provides the next billion internet users with knowledge through spoken word.

This cornerstone for economic progress has been a goal of many societies throughout history, and we are committed to delivering on this in our modern era by providing you access any time anywhere!

There are many ways to prepare for a government job exam, but what if you don’t have time? Khabri offers listeners the opportunity of discovering and consume informative audio content.

Which helps users in their quest. In addition, this platform enables them by giving creators from all over India an outlet where they can create new valuable material with ease!

Khabri is a great app for those who are looking to find new content.

You can enjoy the videos offline and it has plenty of different creators with unique styles, making this an easy choice if you’re stuck in one place!

Khabri has seen unprecedented growth in the last few months, with 6 times as many users and 4x creators joining.

As a result of this success story from India’s economic giant – Bharat- Khabri is again being considered for world-leading investors who believe that its value will be created by the next billion people worldwide!

With, users can now access podcasts and other audio content in their native languages thanks to Agrahyah Technologies’ new online platform that launched this week with Hindi as its first vernacular language option.

Demand!, which provides high-quality recordings created by professionals who speak these same dialects fluently making it seem much less daunting than trying to do so oneself., The company says on its website:

“We want everyone around the world to have equal opportunities.”

With, users can listen to over 150 hours of audio content which are podcasts and shows presented as scripts with hosts reading from script sheets during production breaks or downtime between recording sessions for some shows like “On Being Generic” (which is all about being general).

There’s also a library full of ML/AI-based technologies that will recommend personalization in various forms including recommending new authors you may enjoy based on your preferences; giving fitness tips tailored just right if they’re what we’ve been looking at lately–or something else entirely!


The idea of Audiomatic is India’s first podcast network launched in April 2015. As a result, four programs have been created with each episode ranging from 15–20 minutes and they offer content for all genres including food science culture current affairs entertainment humor.

The output tone should be informational.

Audiomatic is a company that produces podcasts in English. The content of Audiomatic’s podcasts spans a wide range, with The Real Food Podcast being one example.

It explores ingredients and Indian food habits from various perspectives to provide listeners an informative look at this niche topic that they may not be familiarized with or even interested in learning more about!


The headphone is a podcasting platform that specializes in vernacular podcasts, talk shows, and other forms of audio content.

Its popular hosted series includes spiritualities for people from different religions or beliefs; kids’ tips on raising children successfully (and humorously!) with family members who may not always get along perfectly.

The cool thing about this service? Users record their show debuting it online right now at

Cast Box

In 2019, Castbox was able to integrate with Waze for podcast playback controls.

This integration allowed users to pause/playback control of episodes within the app as well as offered a premium platform where people can find more podcasts they would enjoy listening too!

Castbox is an app that allows you to listen and subscribe in one place.

The service has over 100,000 episodes from other casters but also produces original shows with partnerships like This Sounds Serious coming out soon!

Apple Podcasts

iTunes has been a staple in the world of audio and video entertainment since it was released back in 2003.

iTunes is known for its ease-of-use, extensive library with high-quality music tracks from all eras as well as movies you can watch on your desktop or laptop computer without needing to connect anything else.

Such just plugging into power outlets! However, if there’s one thing we know about Apple products it’s that they’re always trying out new things before fully releasing them so whether this means apps being demoed at developer conferences but not allowing outside developers to test their first time around nobody knows yet.

I think I’m able to provide you the best free podcast app in India. If anyone has any queries please ask in the comment box. I’m very happy to help you.

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