7 Best Indian OTT Platform List [Non-Stop Entertainment]

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If you want the best Indian OTT platform list which is in trading in India.

You are on the right page!

This article will help you to understand the list of the best OTT platform trading in India.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article from “Actresswiki.com”, Here in this article I provided the best Indian OTT Platform list.

During the Lockdown period, the use of the OTT platform increased.

Now it’s become a part of our life like other traditional platforms Television.

Due to the increasing audience base of OTT platforms, OTT Platforms are making their own series and movies to attract audiences toward them.

Most of the serials and movies are also available on OTT platforms, which you can watch by tacking their subscription.

In India, there are lots of OTT platforms available that provide full of entertainment.

But before checking which are the best Indian OTT platform list you need to understand what OTT is.

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What Is OTT Service?

OTT is an Over-The-Top Media Service, which is offered movies and TV shows to the user throw the internet.

They bypass the traditional platforms like cable operators, broadcast, satellite television, etc… and deliver content directly to the viewers.

OTT platforms also offer their original shows like- Sacred Games, Stranger Things, etc… to attract an audience toward them, because these shows will not available on any other platforms.

So, Viewers must purchase their subscription to watch these shows.

Now let’s take a look at the best Indian OTT platform list.

Best Indian OTT Platform List

Best Indian OTT Platform List.

Here is the best Indian OTT platform list.

SlName Of Platform
2Amazon Prime
7Zee 5


With the introduction of Netflix, a new player emerged in India’s media market. The scene was changed entirely for Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming services which are also known as Internet Streaming or popularly known as going online to watch videos on your computer screen instead of watching them at home with traditional TV sets!

Soon enough many more companies joined these ranks like Amazon Prime VideoHuluVoot etc., showing how much this industry has grown over time since its inception years ago when only a few sites existed but now you can find anything imaginable just by searching “Streaming”.

It will help you to her we also cover what monthly subscription charges for this OTT platform are.

We will also explain whether it will be worth it for you or not.

Amazon Prime

Netflix may be the king of streaming television, but Amazon Prime TV has taken over as their closest competitor with many original programs.

Some examples include “Breathe: Into The Shadows” and PanchayatTV‘s Palatal Lok series among others! Like Netflix, though you can find subtitles for all your favorite shows in addition to screen character guides too – making this service even more complete than ever before!!


With a library of over 1 million movies and TV shows, Hotstar is the perfect platform to find your next favorite show. You can watch IPL or English Premier League on this service as well!

Not only does it have original programming like On Air with Soumya Ranjan Das Gupta (a host) Sarabhai & Son Of Abish in which they share stories from their lives but also distribution of Game Of Thrones India syndication rights-which means no waiting days before new episodes are released here at home; just stream them right now online without any commitment whatsoever.


With over 1,000 movies and TV shows to choose from Balaji Telefilms has one of the largest media libraries in India. They also offer access to original content on their site as well Indian showings for those that prefer watching what’s happening now instead of old classics or traditions!


Voot, a digital platform for all shows aired on Viacom 18 television channels. The performances from MTV, H1N1, and Nickelodeon have been shown across languages to audiences around the world through this accessible app or website depending upon their preference – iOS(iPhone), Android Smartphone/Tablet combo devices as well as Desktop Computers!

There’s no need to get off track when it comes down to doing what you love because they’ve got everything covered here including original content that will keep any fan satisfied until next time!.


Watch the latest shows on Sony India’s own OTT, LIV. It has a lot of popular series like Kaun Banega Crorepati and more to keep you entertained! They also live stream football tournaments such as La Liga or Serie A with Animax available too for those who want nothing but anime movies in their schedule everyday morning when they wake up before work and starts downloading them all night long while getting some much-needed rest before starting another busy week ahead – what could be better?

Zee 5

Zee 5 is an Over Top (OTT) streaming service that features the entire library of content from ZEE Network, including shows and movies. They have original programming as well as news updates added regularly to keep you up-to-date with everything happening in India! This modern Indian television channel offers a variety for all ages; it even provides regional variations depending on your location.

Now you have the best Indian OTT platform list it’s time for non-stop entertainment. If anyone has any queries please ask in the comment box. I’m very happy to help you.

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