Best Way: How To Prepare For UPSC Without Coaching

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If you want to know how to prepare for UPSC

You are on the right page!

This article will help you to understand the best way to prepare for UPSC.

How to Prepare For UPSC: UPSC exam is one of the hardest exams in the world and you will have to start preparing at least one and a half years from the exam, and there are chances to crack it.

Most students aspiring to become IAS officers are confused about when and how to prepare for the paper.

Since the Civil Services exam is not child’s play and is the country’s toughest competitive exam, you cannot crack it without a strong strategy.

How to Prepare For UPSC - Overview

How To Prepare For UPSC – Overview

See, preparing for UPSC is not too hard and not too easy as well. It depends upon your mindset.

If you see it too hard from the initial, you will never come to crack it but if you seem it affordable, you will easily be able to crack it.

Here we are suggesting you believe it as affordable, not easy, because considering it easy, you will come under the overconfidence and you know what happens when we work any task with overconfidence.

We have tried to explain to you the guidelines to prepare for the UPSC exam, it will help you!

Right Time To Start The Preparation

To crack one of the most difficult examinations in the world, preparation of at least one and a half years is necessary.

By the way, there are many such examples that in the preparation of six months, the civil services exam was cracked.

There is a slight chance that you will crack it in the first attempt.

It doesn’t mean that you are not able to do so, the actual means to say that it needs enough focus, discipline, consistency, and time punctuality.

And, it would be better that students should choose their interesting subject in graduation.

This will help a lot in the Mains exam.

Ways To Prepare For UPSC

There are two ways of preparation. In one way you prepare for the pre as well as the mains and in one focus only on the pre.

Now, here you have to decide what you want to do or what you can do, do not come under anyone’s influence and copy him or her.

It is not compulsory that if your friend is doing both of them parallel then you also have to do it.

You will have to choose your way according to your capacity, schedule, and responsibility.

Your friend may have to just prepare for the exam and you have the responsibility to do the job also with exam preparation.

In this case, you can not spend as much time as your friend can do, right?

Preparing Main With Pre

For candidates who have a year or more, this is the strategy.

Such candidates should give at least three months of their first time to optional subjects and the next five months to general studies.

After this, the remaining five months should be given to the prelims.

The mock test should be practiced in the last five months.

But keep an eye on current affairs throughout the year.

The advantage of this strategy is that candidates get sufficient time for preparation and revision.

Apart from this, they can also find out their shortcomings and correct them.

Only Pre Preparation

This is for candidates who have limited time.

Such candidates should first focus on pre with current affairs.

After pre, the focus should be on the mains.

Confirm The Syllabus

You need to confirm the Syllabus from trusted sources because without a syllabus your preparation could become worthless.

There are many trusted sources from which you can fetch ideas about the Syllabus.

How to Prepare For UPSC - Brief

How To Prepare For UPSC – Brief

As I mentioned earlier in this article, it’s not too difficult to prepare for UPSC, but yes, it needs several care and strategies to get succeed.

There is not any blueprint to prepare for UPSC which you follow and crack, but yes, there are certain strategies, steps, and checkpoints that will boost you.

Selection Of Books

Start collecting great books for every subject.

Students of Hindi medium can collect books in Hindi. NCERT books from class 6th to 12th are considered holy books for the preparation of examinations for civil services.

This is necessary to strengthen the foundation.

Read The Newspapers Daily

Do not forget to read the newspapers daily.

If possible, bring 2-3 newspapers.

  • One in Your Regional Language
  • One in Hindi
  • One in English

Keep your eyes on the current affairs, if anything seems sensitive, note it down in your copy of the Journal.

Collect the information daily.

Keep yourself updated with all resources in the maximum possible fields of news.

Read The Magazines

Not rely on only the newspapers, start to read the important magazines also which can pass you the valuable knowledge.

Each information can not be covered by only the newspapers.

Collect the information which seems to be helpful in the exam.

Make the notes by minimizing them. And apply this to both newspapers and magazines.

Practice Of Writing

Everyone knows that there is very little time given per question.

You should keep yourself practicing writing, otherwise, you would become that candidate who knows the answer to each question but could not justify in the exam.

Collect The Question Papers Of Previous Exam And Solve Them

I am not supposed to write more on this trip because almost everyone knows about this one and how important this strategy is.

You should focus on this stuff as you will get the ideas of the possibility of the question going to ask in the exam.

Selection Of Optional

Decide your optional paper prior and start preparing for it.

This will not put additional pressure on the mains.

Governmental Websites

Keep yourself updated with the Governmental websites on which you will fetch much important and sensitive information.

You find those sites on Google and many trusted government sites.

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