How to Become an IAS Officer: Proven Tips

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If you want to know how to become an IAS Officer and looking for perfect guidance.

You are on the right page!

Here you will the some proven tips to become an IAS officer.

Becoming an IAS officer is the biggest dream of most Indian Educated people. And you know, a big dream asks more hard work, are you agree with me?

Becoming an IAS officer is not quite easy but also keep in mind that it is not quite hard, yes, I am telling the 100% truth.

It depends upon your mindset, your desire, your working capacity, your patience, your consistency, your dedication towards the goal and work!

You can not have the fruit tomorrow by bowing the seed today, right?

Same as becoming an IAS officer is not one day or one-month process.

What is the Full-Form of IAS?

Indian Administrative Service

How to Become an IAS Officer

In this article, you will go through the entire process of Becoming the IAS (Indian Administrative Service Officer).

There are many aspects you should know before becoming an IAS officer and we will explore each thing in this article!

  • What is IAS
  • Eligibility
  • Age Limit
  • Attempts
  • Which Exam you have to face to become IAS Officer
  • Selection Procedure
  • Opt-in after 12th

IAS is one of the top government posts in India, and almost everyone’s dream is to be IAS.

How to Become an IAS Officer

What is IAS Officer and which post is given to them?

They are District Magistrate, Collector, Commissioner, Join Secretary of Ministers, these posts are given to the IAS officers.

Eligibility to Become IAS Officer

First of all, you must be an Indian Citizen, yes, you must have Indian Citizenship.

You must have completed the Graduation in any stream because these exams are conducted by UPSC and they required minimum Graduate Candidates.

Age Limit

CategoryAge Limit (Years)

Here, the community gets benefits, you can see in the above table and have information in which category you come.

Exam Preparation

As we came to know earlier in this article the Civil Service Exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).

So, if you want to become an IAS officer, you must pass this exam first.

This whole process is divided into three steps.

  • Pre Exam
  • Mains Exam
  • Interview

Pre Exam:- 2 Papers

Mains:- 9 Papers

Interview:- Conducted by an officer

In the Mains Exam, 2 papers are for language, in which one is for English, and the second one is for your local or regional language.

The marks of these two papers are not counted, but they are considered in qualifying.

In the rest papers, 1 is for Essay, 4 papers are for general studies, and 2 are optional.

Then after you will have to face an interview.

Merit will be created based on Marks of Mains Exam and interview performance.

Attempts: How many times you can Attempt for IAS Exam

If you belong to the General Category, you can attempt this exam 6 times.

If you belong to the OBC category, you can attempt this exam 9 times.

And if you belong to the SC/ST category, you are not limited to attempt, it is the unlimited time!

General6 Times
OBC9 Times

What you need to do after 12th (HSC)

It is not mandatory to do graduation in a specific stream, you just have to complete the graduation.

It may be in any stream.

You can complete the graduation in Science, Commerce, and arts as well with any subject.

One more thing I would like to share is that percentage of any qualification doesn’t matter.

How to Prepare for Exam

If you want to prepare without coaching for UPSC or IAS Exam, I have already published a detailed article on this.

You can read by clicking below!

How to Prepare for UPSC without Coaching


In a conclusion, I can say that being an IAS officer is not quite hard, but yes, you have to decide before the 12th that you want to surrender yourself to the country and want the government job.

Because this achievement asks the time, hard work, and consistency.

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