How Long Does It take to Learn Guitar- Perfect Conclusion 2021

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How Long Does It take to Learn Guitar: You might have seen some Guitar Player who just listen a song once and play its chords very nicely, right?

You might be thinking at that time, I wish I could play this kind of Guitar very fluently!

But as they come to know that learning guitar takes time and some level harder, they give up to learn and continue the work.

How Long Does It take to Learn Guitar

Playing Guitar may be hobby for some one, so he does not have to get return anything except joy and soul piece.

So, you can start learning, what matters how much it takes to learn, isn’t it?

Whenever you hear a nice song, you wish to play it on Guitar instantly but can not do so because you do not know the basic of Guitar, and yes, also do not know how to play Guitar fluenntly!

You might be thinking, how long I will take to learn the Guitar to play any instantly, and it is the valid question.

Here is its answer!

But, before that I want to ask a question.

If you ask someone, How long a rope could be, or it should be?

You will say, 100 mtrs, someone would say 1000 mtrs, other one would hit 10,000 mtes, and another one would advice to be it infinite, right?

But according to me, the length of a rope should be according to our need and requirement.

If I need 300 meters long rope, then I will make it 300 meters, no long, no short, right?

How Long Does It take to Learn Guitar

Find this Answer First: Why do you want to Learn Guitar

It’s very mandatory to ask this question yourself and get an answer because the duration of learning guitar depends on the answer of this question.

According to me, there may be a reason from the below 4 purposes.

  • You want to become a Guitarist
  • You want to become a Singer
  • You want to become a Singer + Guitarist
  • It’s just your hobby

Why I recommended you to focus on this question?

Because the duration or time to learn the Guitar depends on your purpose.

Want to know How?

Let’s Begin!

How Long Does It take to Learn Guitar

This site is to explore this kind of wonderful and value added information to our viewers!

How Long Does It take to Learn Guitar

The time to be taken on learning Guitar depends on which level of Guitarist you want to become and what’s your Goal.

It depends on

  • How much time in day you give to learn Guitar
  • Till how much time you maintain consistency to learn Guitar
  • Your focus, dedication and Learning Towards guitar
  • From which source or medium you are learning Guitar
  • How much you practice of playing Guitar

Your focus, practice and willingness is based on your intent.

It it is just your hobby to play a guitar, then it will take too long to learn how to play guitar.

But if you want to learn to play guitar for your career purpose or earning purpose or it is your life long goal, then it will not take too much time to learn playing guitar.

If you are giving approx. 2 hours a daily, it may take up to 1 year to learn guitar completely.

But here the condition is that you do not miss a single day in learning and practice as well.

Second thing, you are learning from a legit source, like a pro teacher or academy or from a trusted and proven online course or institute.

You can also learn it yourself by online sources like YouTube channel.

I have observed that on YouTube, it’s very difficult (tends to impossible) to find the full course of Guitar and Piano.

How Long Does It take to Learn Guitar


In a simple words, the time duration to learn Guitar depends totally on you.

It’s a second matter how your teacher or tutor is.

Your willingness to learn, dedication, consistency, efforts matter 90% and rest 10% matters on the other aspects.

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