List Of Bollywood Movies Not Released In Theaters

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The demand for Indian cinema is high that’s why a number of movies are produced and released every year. However, Apart from movies worth watching there are some other types of movies which are Bollywood movies not released in theaters it produced that indulges in strong language with some vulgar scenes.

Which may not be suitable at times depending on your opinion about Gender Parity or religious issues. These types of films were far away ahead of their time when they first came out in front of the people.

Here’s a list of Bollywood movies not released in theaters which the Censor Board banned, but the viewers did not missed to watch any of it! If these movies had been released in today’s time, then all these movies would have been in today’s top hits.

Here Is The List Of Best Bollywood Movies Not Released In Theaters

1. Kama Sutra – A Tale Of Love (1996)

Kama Sutra – A Tale Of Love too faced the wrath of the Censor Board which termed it explicit unethical. The makers were forced to remove various scenes from their movies for being against Indian culture.

We did see this coming because Mira Nair’s 16th-century Indian historical romance became a hit with critics but didn’t resonate well among audiences or film distributors who eventually banned its release in theaters!

2.  Bandit Queen (1994)

When the (Indian censor board) tried to stop Shekhar Kapur from making his movie Bandit Queen, he decided that they would not be able to watch it anyways.

The output of this film was so offensive and vulgar; even with all its nudity, there were still some things that couldn’t get past their limits such as abusive language and sexual content.

The scene where Phoolan Devi takes off her clothes outside in public really showcases how bold she felt at the time since people did not know who could hurt them next including husbands or any other male relatives

3.  Fire (1996)

Hindu groups such as Shiv Sena have always been against Deepa Mehta’s work because of the movie Fire. They felt that it dealt with a lesbian relationship between two sisters-in-law in their family, which they considered sacred and improper for public viewing.

The film became very controversial worldwide but failed to impress Indian audiences due its graphic scenes including ones where Shabana Azmi plays an older sister who has romantic feelings towards her younger sibling Nandita Das.

4. Black Friday (2004)

The movie Black Friday, which is loosely based on the events of 1993 when bomb blasts in India occurred during their busy day-long marketplaces called “Black Fridays.” The director and producer faced many obstacles including a court order due to similarities between this film’s story line and those involved with real life incidents.

5. Paanch (2003)

Paanch is a movie that faced controversy from the Censor Board. The film’s producer, Anurag Kashyap said it was inspired by Joshi-Abhyankar serial murders which occurred in 1997 and had high octane violence with crass language for adults as well as drugs being used throughout its duration.

This certainly didn’t make things easy on them when they attempted to get approval from India’s strict television rating board (Cinematone).

A pirated version became available soon after licensing problems arose. where official screenings will happen under adult rated ‘R’ unless accompanied children below 12 years old entering theatres without parental guidance.

6. Sins (2005)

The film, Sins is a story of an alcoholic priest who falls for the charm and beauty that woman holds. His struggles with norms in society are what make this movie so captivating from how he can’t satisfy himself without being sexually involved to even darker secrets such as orgies behind closed doors at church!

But it wasn’t just Catholics who felt uncomfortable watching these scenes; many other groups also had issues when viewed through its rougher English translation (which we highly recommend).

The Censor Board thought certain nude shots were too explicit which led them not receiving permission tthe distributor save any copies made.

7. Water (2005)

India is often seen as a country where people live peacefully, but this isn’t true for those who are weak or female. In Water by Deepa Mehta there was much controversy because it showed how the women were treated poorly.

Some even had no voice to speak of and lived their lives ignored until death took them away from everything else holding onto what little power they once maintained over society’s norms against females being less important than males thus making these individuals invisible again during life long after death began an cycle most would prefer not think about too closely.

8. Gandu (2010)

What do you get when the word ‘Gandu’ is mentioned in a sentence? The answer, of course! This rap musical by Bengali director Freerk Aquarius has been generating buzz for its oral sex scenes and nudity.

Shot on video with black-and white visuals to create an old school style film that challenges Indian sensibilities but still remains entertaining throughout all its duration.

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