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Teachers Day Speech In English: There is a quote in Hinduism “Guru Govind Doun Khade, Gaake Lagu Paay, Balihari Guru Aaapne, Govind Diyo Batai”.

It means that : There are God and Teacher in front of me, whom should I surrender, I choose Teacher because he carried me to the God.

This was introduction about the teacher in few lines, because if we introduce the teacher in our way, may be the server space of Google will exceed its limit and the Billions words will remain to write.

In this article, you are going to read the Teachers Day Speech in English which will realize you the importance of teacher in your and our life.

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Teachers Day Speech In English

Teachers Day Speech In English

When I was 3 years old, a lady who was not my mother was trying to teach me the language by which I can communicate with others.

I was not able recognize her once, twice, thrice and many times, but still she was calm and repeating me to teach again and again until I responded her nicely.

How can we not accept that if we explain someone something and if he does not recognize on once or just twice explanation, we get angry on him .

But she was not giving up, she kept trying and trying until my success.

She was trying to teach me how I can convey my message to anyone that he or she can understand what I want.

Yes, she was not my mother.

But she was not little bit less than my mother.

My mother could not scold me when I was not completing my homework but my teacher was scolding me.

Now after being an adult person I came to know, I realize and I am feeling that she also was getting panic equal to my mother while scolding me.

But there was a responsibility of my future on her, and she was trying to ignore that pain while scolding me.

Because she was my teacher.

Teachers Day Speech In English

We assume that we need the teacher until we pass out the school or college.

Is it right?

It is 10000000% wrong.

We need a teacher till our death.

I am not telling you this by hearing from someone.

I am sharing my life’s experience.

I still remember, when I was going to give my first interview of my carrier, my friend, who is elder than me almost 6 years, giving me the tips to crack the interview.

He taught me what should I do and what should I not do while facing the interview.

He was giving me that knowledge which he earned after facing the rejection in 14 interviews back to back.

How much worthy knowledge he gave me in free!!!!

This is the heart of the teacher.

Teachers Day Speech In English

Teacher’s Importance in our Life

If Guru Dronacharya would not have taught Arjun the archery, who would be knowing him in today’s world?

A person needs a teacher at each and every turning of life.

No one can survive the life without the teacher.

The Sanskrit word of Teacher is “GURU”

This word “GURU” is made by the two character :

  • GU
  • RU

GU means the darkness and RU means the light.

GURU means the person who brings us from darkness to brightness or light.

Who removes the darkness of nescience from our life and feel the brightness in term of wisdom, sacraments, virtues.

He will scold you whenever you will do any minute mistake.

Do you know why?

Because he wants to make you 100%, he doesn’t accept you at 99.99% even.

If we compare this with the real world, the below example is the best one.

If anyone want to start his own business, he needs the teacher to learn.

If you start the business without learning, you will definitely fail, because luck does not work here.

You must learn the business, marketing, strategies, keys to fight with competitors, negotiations skills, dealing skills and too much things which push up your business.

Teacher do not expect many things from the student, he just expect that he should not be insulted by his student’s activities in front of world.

He wants to feel proud on being the teacher of his student.

Let me explain this by example.

You know The Sachin Tendulkar, right?

Coach of Sachin Tendulkar was Ramakant Achrekar.

Today, his teacher is feeling proud on himself that I am teacher of Sachin Tendulkar who made thousands of unbreakable world records.

Teachers Day Speech In English


If you are going from one destination to another destination in your car and you do not know the way and you don’t have map.

Let me tell you that you will have to go without indicators and headlights of your car.

How would you feel?

Would take just start?

You know the answer very well.

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